Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tam O'Shanter

I went with two friends to the Tam O'Shanter tonight. YUM, it was a wonderfully tasty return after too many years away. This is the Tam O'Shanter prime rib cut with Yorkshire pudding, mashed potato and gravy, and creamed spinach. There was plenty to take home because I started with:

these Devils on Horseback, which are cream cheese filled dates wrapped in bacon. Do I have to elaborate how incredibly decadent they were?! It seems like we also polished off a chocolate lava cake and a sticky toffee pudding, too. Sadly, no photos exist but the taste sensation still lingers.

If your don't know about Tam O'Shanter, it dates back to 1922, and it is the oldest restaurant in Los Angeles at the same location and owned by the same family. It is part of the Lawry family dynasty. A Scottish theme is carried out in tartan wall coverings and paintings and menu choices. Who wants to have a food coma with me?!

Click here for Tam O'Shanter's website.

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