Saturday, September 9, 2017

Zaharakos in Columbus, IN

Wow, if Fair Oaks Pharmacy, Museum of Making Music, and maybe Griffith Park's merry-go-round ever merged together, then they would be CLOSE to being what Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor/Museum already is!

This is the amazing marble counter with stained glass and vintage soda fountain features. And the fountains still work!! Zaharakos dates to 1900, so think of all the tasty treats served over this counter.

I went up to Columbus for the Scottish Festival. I did some research and Zaharakos was the place to visit after the piping, sheep herding, and caber tossing excitement for some old-school ice cream fun. Boy, did it deliver!!

But first, I laid a base with the Gom Sandwich, a classic sloppy joe but on grilled bread, and warm kettle chips. YUMM!!

THEN I could enjoy this fabulous root beer float, with the root beer from the soda fountain! Can you feel the giddiness I was feeling?!

But we're just getting started! Zaharakos also has a collection of mechanical music. Think player piano, but this was a player BANJO, with tamborine and triangle!! So cool!! This little boy is bopping to my quarter-activated music. Other people pulled out coins to keep the music going, too. It was delightful!

There were four of five of these machines, alternating with non-utilized soda fountains. Sooo cool!!

Columbus is straight up I-65, and 90 or so minutes away. Totally worth it to take a trip back in time!

Click here for Zaharakos' website.

Friday, August 25, 2017

8th Street Pizza

This week's favorite pizza is from 8th Street Pizza in New Albany! Not only is the pizza delish, but they follow the pay-what-you-can methodology of The Table (see July 18 post) and support the local community. They are a self-described "boutique pizza shop and ministry" and all proceeds go to rent, utilities and programming. Hours are irregular for now: Wednesday 4p-8p; Thursday 11a-2-; and Friday 11a-8p. It's worth it to swing by on these limited hours!

Click here for their website.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Parkette Drive-In

I'm in Lexington today making sales calls with two attractions partners. We had a fancy-pants lunch at Dudley's downtown (no pix due to attempted professionalism at the meeting with a local colleague), and now it's time to take a breather. We needed an afternoon treat before making the final stops, and Parkette Drive-In was an awesome detour! This is their 60-year-old neon sign, with the carhop on top delivering someone's delicious food, with a row of cars along the top. It is worthy of a return trip just to see it all lit up at night!

Parkette is totally old-school, with pull-in spots where you eat in your car, and carhops still bring you a tray of food. Inside, there's a soda fountain counter with booths, and more tables in what looks like a converted garage space. They had to pull down the roll-up doors due to the rain while we were there.

And this is my Hot Fudge Brownie, with a warm brownie base, ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry. Wow, and are you catching the googly Formica pattern? I need more detours like this!

Click here for the Parkette's website.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Table

Doing good, while eating good, is a great thing! This humble watermelon salad and BLT are tasty dishes from The Table in Portland, just west of downtown Louisville. Not only is the food delicious, but they have a surprising "pay what you can" policy. Pay the menu price, pay what you can afford, pay with your time, or leave some extra to pay it forward.

I snagged this from their website for the formal explanation: "The Table is a non-profit, social entrepreneurship that serves locally grown, fresh food and operates under a pay-what-you-can model. We value a place where everyone is welcome, and we provide creative payment solutions for all." How cool is that?!

Currently, they are only open for weekday lunch, so plan accordingly. I look forward to working my way through the menu. Everything that came out of the kitchen looked amazing. Who wants to join me?!

Click here for their website.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Los Aztecas

Today I have a hankering for some old-school Mexican food with just the basics: beans, rice, chips, chicken, cheese, and sauce. Los Aztecas on Main Street in Louisville certainly delivered!

This is their Chilaquiles Mexicano with corn tortillas, chunks of chicken, their special sauce and coated with melted cheese. It's an "all hands on deck" kind of dish, because you are definitely eating this with your fingers - nacho style! And the hot queso, fresh chips, and chunky salsa sure hit the spot.

Who wants to meet me for round #2?!

Click here for their website.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Jailhouse Pizza

Introducing my new favorite pizza: The Electric Chair from Jailhouse Pizza in Brandenburg, Kentucky!

This hot little number has a lot going for it, and it even comes with a warning to "Eat at your own risk!" Ingredients are pepperoni, sausage, jalapeno peppers, hot sauce, their specialty Death Row sauce, and mozzarella. YUM!!

Oh, it was spicy hot, with my lips and tongue BURNING, but it was definitely worth the brief discomfort. Delicious pizza served up in a historic jailhouse was the order of the day. What's not to love about that? I can also recommend the White Flag pizza, with ricotta spread, mozzarella, spinach and garlic. We did give it up for that one, plus a sausage/pepperoni, and the chicken/bacon/ranch. Wow!!

Jailhouse Pizza was an actual jailhouse from 1906 to the mid 1970s. Hank Williams, Sr. chalked up a night or two there.

Our party was too big to fit inside the cell for our food, but that would be a cool experience for another time.

Roam around the spaces to see the historic details. This was the show stopper - the drop-away floor where prisoners were hung. It is now covered by plexi, but my skin did crawl a bit. They say the space is haunted, which is totally understandable.

The bottom of the drop-away floor, in case you were wondering how real they kept the place. Go see it for yourself!!

Jailhouse Pizza's address is 125 Main Street, Brandenburg, KY. Phone is 270-422-2664. Click here for their website.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Indianapolis Museum of Art

I'm roadtripping to Indy today to experience the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and I LOVED everything about IMA!!

I'll start with the awesome gardens. Twenty-six acres of plants including these Dr. Seuss-ish purple balls. I will have outdoor space in my new place, so I am paying attention to the floral opportunities.

And, in one greenhouse, Drawn to Pink? or Drawn to Green?, Orange?, Purple?, Blue?, White?, and Yellow? sections will entice a run to the garden center for foliage. I am leaning to pollinator plants, so I definitely want some color.

And I love this high/low color spill!

And the best gift of all is a late-season gorgeous iris! I will definitely have some of those planted for next year.

Inside the Museum, there was also the terrific Audubon: Drawn to Nature exhibition. I lucked out and tagged along with a docent tour and found out some amazing things.

I didn't know the Audubon prints were a subscription service, and I certainly didn't know the process.

The six steps are 1) observation and collection specimens, 2) pinning into position, 3) drawing and painting, 4) engraving or turning watercolors into prints, 5) hand coloring of prints, and 6) distribution. Each stage had examples and explanations.

Audubon: Drawn to Nature closes July 30, then the images go back to the private collector, per the docent. This is one of the nuggets I heard during the tour. There are no plans to travel the exhibition, so see it while you can!

And I couldn't sign off without posting a pic of Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture in the Museum's lobby. What a great trip, indeed!

Click here for IMA's website.