Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Table

Doing good, while eating good, is a great thing! This humble watermelon salad and BLT are tasty dishes from The Table in Portland, just west of downtown Louisville. Not only is the food delicious, but they have a surprising "pay what you can" policy. Pay the menu price, pay what you can afford, pay with your time, or leave some extra to pay it forward.

I snagged this from their website for the formal explanation: "The Table is a non-profit, social entrepreneurship that serves locally grown, fresh food and operates under a pay-what-you-can model. We value a place where everyone is welcome, and we provide creative payment solutions for all." How cool is that?!

Currently, they are only open for weekday lunch, so plan accordingly. I look forward to working my way through the menu. Everything that came out of the kitchen looked amazing. Who wants to join me?!

Click here for their website.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Jailhouse Pizza

Introducing my new favorite pizza: The Electric Chair from Jailhouse Pizza in Brandenburg, Kentucky!

This hot little number has a lot going for it, and it even comes with a warning to "Eat at your own risk!" Ingredients are pepperoni, sausage, jalapeno peppers, hot sauce, their specialty Death Row sauce, and mozzarella. YUM!!

Oh, it was spicy hot, with my lips and tongue BURNING, but it was definitely worth the brief discomfort. Delicious pizza served up in a historic jailhouse was the order of the day. What's not to love about that? I can also recommend the White Flag pizza, with ricotta spread, mozzarella, spinach and garlic. We did give it up for that one, plus a sausage/pepperoni, and the chicken/bacon/ranch. Wow!!

Jailhouse Pizza was an actual jailhouse from 1906 to the mid 1970s. Hank Williams, Sr. chalked up a night or two there.

Our party was too big to fit inside the cell for our food, but that would be a cool experience for another time.

Roam around the spaces to see the historic details. This was the show stopper - the drop-away floor where prisoners were hung. It is now covered by plexi, but my skin did crawl a bit. They say the space is haunted, which is totally understandable.

The bottom of the drop-away floor, in case you were wondering how real they kept the place. Go see it for yourself!!

Jailhouse Pizza's address is 125 Main Street, Brandenburg, KY. Phone is 270-422-2664. Click here for their website.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Wild Rita's

It's my third day of working a fan festival at Louisville Slugger Field. I've already dabbled my way through the grilled sausages and Graeter's ice cream (granted, no complaints with either!), and I'm craving something different. Wild Rita's at the Residence Inn on Market scored!

This is the Taco Plate with Mexican rice. I went with Carnitas and Pescado Frito varieties from the six available. But, the most delicious dish was the Street Corn with queso fresca, spiced crema, and cilantro. YUM!! Street Corn is currently on my Favorite Things list, and this was a superb version.

Wild Rita's was a great space with bright colors and lots of cool blown glass. You know I'm not a drinker, but, if I was, this would be a great place to do it!

Click here for Wild Rita's website.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Frankfort Roadtrip: The Old Bus Station and Kentucky Fudge Company

Day two of sales calls, and this time we're heading East. Today's food and snackies had a shared historic theme.

The Olde Bus Station Restaurant in Harrodsburg was a formerly a Greyhound Bus Station. The lunch counter was original to the Greyhound setup, and the you can imagine the buses pulling up where the covered deck is now.

This is the Titan Burger, topped with onion rings, bacon, and BBQ sauce, with a really fresh take on pasta salad with peas and bacon. YUM!

For our snackie, we went to Kentucky Fudge Company, located in this fabulous 1865 former drug store. I got some refreshing ice cream, but the cool setting was more interesting than the treat on this visit. It reminded me of the Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans!

Harrodsburg and Evansville have inspired me to get out and see more of this area. Are you with me?!

The Olde Bus Station Restaurant does not have a website. Address is 227 S. Greenville Street in Harrodsburg. Phone is 859-734-4202.

Kentucky Fudge Company does not have a website. Address is 225 S. Main Street in Harrodsburg. Phone is 859-733-0088.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Evansville Roadtrip: Walton's and Piece of Cake

I haven't been to Evansville for 30 or more years. I'm there today making sales calls with a colleague, and you know the girls have got to eat!

The good folks at the Visitor Center - which is a cool pagoda along the bike path and worth a stop while in town - recommended Walton's International Comfort Food near the Arts District. You know you're at the right spot when there's a wheelbarrow filled with wood by the kitchen door to keep the oven stoked! Walton's kept earning the points with a basket of popcorn as the pre-meal munchie?! Cool, huh?!

The menu had some amazing, drool-worthy items. I went with the Pig and Fig pizza. It was everything your tastebuds are dreaming of!! It was super rich, so next time I'll order a salad or veggie side for balance. YUM!!

Later, after innumerable sales schpeels and elevator pitches, we earned the hit-the-road snackie. We find a cutie-pie bakery shop on Main Street named Piece of Cake. This is my Lemony Snippetts cookie, which was a lemon cookie with lemon marshmallow cream frosting and sugar sprinkles. Delish!

I made some great sales connections, got to see a long-forgotten Indiana town, and enjoyed some tasty treats. Carpe diem, my friends!

Click here for Walton's website.
Click here for Piece of Cake's website.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Daisy's Country Cooking

This is as close to insta-posting as I'm getting to these days. I just came from a delicious meal of liver and onions, greens, mac and cheese, cornbread, and orange cake, thanks to my new friends at Daisy's County Cooking on West Fifth Street in downtown New Albany. Yum!!
You know I have a thing for cafeterias, and the whole slide-the-tray-down-the-track opportunity to select from a variety of tasties served in the individual plastic bowls. I was spent after a day hostessing tourism colleagues, then I concierged a senior group. What better pick-up than some iron-rich liver and onions? I felt perkier after the first bite!!
And, I'm especially intrigued by the idea of cafeteria-style breakfasts, so a follow-up to Daisy's is definitely needed. Who wants to join me?!
Daisy's does not have a website. Phone is 812-944-8101.

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Cafe

So, I've been hearing about The Café from multiple co-workers. See, I've been investigating box lunch options for my groups, so I'm getting great input from lots of sources. Today, I understand why The Café is topping those lists.

This, my friends, is the Southern Grits Scramble, with grits covered by eggs, covered by cheese, then covered by tomatoes and bacon. Do I even need to explain how terrific this was?! And, breakfast is available at any time. I love a joint that doesn't limit dreamy food to just morning hours.

I understand from (now confirmed) good sources that the salads, sandwiches, and soups are good. Heck, I haven't heard a bad thing about The Café! Who's with me to explore the whole menu?

Click here for The Cafe's website.