Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Oasis Diner

Before jumping on the I-65 and heading back to New Albany, I decided to have dinner near Indy. Oasis Diner in Plainfield is definitely my kind of joint!

This is a classic Indiana pork tenderloin. If you haven't had it, imagine pork pounded flattish, then battered and deep fried. Pork tenderloins are a big deal in Indiana, and I mean BIG. And that's a butterscotch root beer in the back. That smooth flavor alone is worth the drive back!

The Oasis is one of those rare pre-fab diners that dates back to 1954. It proudly served the people of Plainfield until 2008. Time started catching up with the Oasis, and, in 2010, it was listed on Indiana's Most Endangered List. It was purchased by residents and moved to its new location. You can see that the original footprint has been expanded, and the revamped Oasis reopened in 2014.

Interior shot of the original section. I love the pink and blue tile work, still in great shape!

Finally, after a full day of Museum-ing, driving, and eating, I finally got to experience another Indiana legend, the Sugar Cream Pie, a to-go bonus from the Oasis. As the Indiana State Pie, I had to give it a try. It's kind of like the gooey base of a pecan pie, if that helps. Delish!! Who wants to give it a try?!

Click here for their website.

Power of Poison at Indiana State Museum

I'm heading to Indy today to see The Power of Poison at the Indiana State Museum. It is an incredible exhibition, and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Set up in four sections, Poison in Nature, Stories of Poison, Detecting Poison, and Poison for Good, the poison perspectives really shook up my brain.

These are just a few of the highlights. I learned that amethyst (my birthstone!) jewelry was worn as protection against poisoning. The Roman Army was attacked with ceramic vessels filled with scorpions. Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter was inspired by Victorian-era hat makers who were poisoned by mercury. And, vampire bat saliva contains an anti-clotting agent (named Draculin!!) that helps protect against stroke. I KNOW!!

I was also amused with their Farmers Market Cafe, and this beet and brie salad in a jar. Nothing poisonous here, and I felt all powered-up with quality food to explore the rest of the Museum.

Permanent galleries include exhibitions woven with history, geology, and archaeology. I also look forward to going back to see the Puppet Studio. Who wants to make the drive with me?!

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Comfy Cow

You Salty Bro? I am, after trying this seasonal flavor from Comfy Cow: deep, dark chocolate, with mini caramel-chocolate chunks, mini pretzel twists, and caramel ribbons. Who's salty now?!

Comfy Cow has several locations, including the Louisville Airport. Perfect for coming and going!! My fave is the New Albany location, where I picked up this little treat, but I'm totally open to sharing the love all over town.

Who needs a Comfy Cow fix with me?!

Click here for their website.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Schimpff's Red Hot Creams

It's Valentine's Day, and us single girls need to take care of ourselves on this day all about love. What better gift to myself than Schimpff's Red Hot Creams?

Schimpff's, a candy-making icon in Jeffersonville, IN, since 1891, has been serving up red hot hard candies since opening day. Trust me, those little red jewels deserve every accolade. So to have that fire-y taste in a cream form and dunked in chocolate -- love, love, love!!

When you stop by, allow time to peruse the Candy Museum, with historic candy memorabilia and equipment. You can also have a meal at the lunch counter, complete with classic soda fountain. And, if you are especially lucky, you can see candy-making demonstrations like the red hots. I got to see them make candy canes at Christmas!

Who wants to join me for a super sugar fix?!

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Friday, February 9, 2018

812 Pizza Company

It's National Pizza Day, and I'm hankering to try the new 812 Pizza Company in Georgetown near the Post Office. 812 delivered on this fantastic pie!

I shared the pizza with my little brother, and we went off the menu and built our own. For the whole pizza, we selected ham, bacon, and pineapple, then I added banana peppers, bell peppers, and mushrooms to my half. YUMMM!! Great crust, good and plentiful toppings, and abundant mozzarella made for a delicious meal!

They were bustling, maybe due to the National Pizza Day, maybe because it was Friday at a hopping new pizza joint in the restaurant-challenged area. Either way, for folks ordering pizza to go, they offer a cushy lounge area with couches and chairs, and an area with arcade games.

I look forward to working my through this menu. Who wants to meet me for a slice?!

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Old Louisville Tavern

More good eats in Old Louisville, most recently this fancy-pants seared tuna burger courtesy of Old Louisville Tavern on Fourth Street near the U of L campus. It was a hefty chunk of tuna, with spicy dressing and cucumber slivers on a grilled brioche bun. Fries were crisp and meaty, with a sprinkling of seasoned salt. YUM!

I heard that the Tavern suffered an arson fire in 2014, after nearly 70 years of serving food and brews. I'm just glad owners decided to reopen so that I could experience it all!

Let's go work our way down that menu!

Click here for their website.

Monday, January 15, 2018

La Loma

This week's favorite Mexican food is La Loma Restaurant on Eastern Boulevard in Clarksville. I've been twice in the last two weeks. The first time was for lunch. I went with this steak fajitas special, and I was quite surprised by the portion of the the meal. Generally, lunch specials are samplers of the real meal. The sizzling steak, peppers, and onions were delicious! The sides of guacamole, green salad, refried beans, and rice were terrific! The fresh, warm corn tortillas totally hit the spot. Note that I took half or so home and ate it for dinner, since I loaded up on the warm chips and spicy salsa before my food arrived. My "extras" were just as tasty as an encore. Oh, and the horchata is spot-on, too!

After spouting off about La Loma to my brother, he decided to go with me and give it a try. Round #2 was the burrito dinner. Two steak burritos with lettuce, tomato, sour cream and tomatilla sauce, alongside the beans and rice. This time, I did not devour the whole basket of tortilla chips and salsa before the food arrived.

If you are looking for a fancy atmosphere, La Loma is not that place. Black and white vintage photos hang on the walls, and the ceiling alcove is painted blue with white stars. There are booths and stand-alone tables with hand-carved/hand-woven seats. If you are looking for authentic Mexican fare, I cannot recommend La Loma enough.

Who wants to go back with me?!

La Loma does not have a website. Their address is 560 Eastern Boulevard, Clarksville. Phone is (812) 283-3775.