Saturday, March 18, 2017

Red Barn Antique Mall

I am visiting my Mom in Corydon, and I have the urge to stop by Red Barn Antique Mall. I answered the call, and I scored!!

Luster Ware is my favorite dishware, because it is a fabulous blend of form and function. That melted creamsicle sheen was what pulled me in originally, but I am pleased to use my pieces daily. No curio cupboard for these beauties! Fire King made them pretty indestructible, and I get so excited when I add to my collection.

These dinner plates are in wonderful condition, and I couldn't pass on (another!) perfect sugar bowl and creamer set. Shout out to the previous owner for taking care of them.

With three floors of antiques and collectibles to explore, I'm sure you'll find something you like, too. Let's go!!

Click here for Red Barn's website.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dragon King's Daughter

I'm in the Highlands, hanging with my Louisville Pipe Band chums, after marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. (So many cool things about that sentence!!) We're tired and hungry, after marching, playing, and dodging beads and other toss-able items from the partying crowd. We settled on Dragon King's Daughter, because we could eat while watching the revelers and the end of the parade.

I often pick my sushi like I pick my racehorses - by their cool names. Dragon King's Daughter did not disappoint. At top is The Kraken Attacks (red tuna, avocado, hot sauce inside; escolar and unagi outside) and Sushi and the Banshees (cream cheese, roasted garlic, and avocado inside; salmon and basil outside) at bottom. YUM!!

The menu is quite diverse. One friend got kimchi nachos, another prosciutto quesadilla, and the last Asian Beef BBQ tacos. And everyone was happy and content afterward!

I see that there's also a New Albany location, so I can meet you on either side of the river to tackle all the options. Who's with me?!

Click here for their website.