Friday, March 11, 2016

Monte Carlo Deli and Pinocchio Restaurant

I was shopping with a friend on Magnolia in Burbank. That area just gets cooler and cooler with vintage clothing, furniture shops, and a year-round Halloween store. FUN!! We were famished after some serious shopping. We ended up at Monte Carlo Deli/Pinocchio Restaurant. Nothing like a tasty Italian sandwich! This one was extra flavorful with the marinated tomatoes wow-ing up the meats and cheeses. Delish!

On the way in and out, you have to pass by a refrigerator case of gelato. You may remember my post from the 2013 Valley heatwave. (Click here to go to that post.) We skipped the gelato this time, but I'll happily go back for sweet or savory at any time!

Click her for Monte Carlo Deli/Pinocchio Restaurant's website.