Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Chi Dynasty

It's Christmas Day. After a morning in Griffith Park for pipes practice, hiking and riding the Merry-Go-Round, it was time for some chow.

Like many Christmas orphans, Chinese food was on the menu. In the Chinese culture, Chinese New Year is the primary winter celebration, not Christmas, which means Chinese restaurants are usually open on Christmas. I learned this from "A Christmas Story" back in my youth and experienced it many times as an adult.

This Christmas, Chi Dynasty on Hillhurst was packed. I can understand why, because the food was delish! Here you see my Szechwan Garlic Sting Beans and Orange Beef over brown rice. So festive with the bright red plates! They also have a classy finger bowl of warm water with lemon for rinsing between courses at each setting. I look forward to more meals at Chi Dynasty, Christmas Day or otherwise!

Click here for Chi Dynasty's Web site.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gindi Thai

It's Christmas Eve, and I'm gathering with friends to watch a screener of "Saving Mister Banks" while waiting out Santa. We decided to grab some takeout dinner from Gindi Thai on Riverside in Burbank for our movie-time chow.

Here you see my veggie Garden Rolls with peanut sweet and sour sauce and spicy, basil-y Drunken Noodles with chicken. Delish!

Gindi Thai is hidden on that Alameda/Moorpark intersection near Moe's and Bob's Big Boy. If Santa can travel around the world in one night, we can veer a block or two for some fantastic food.

Click here for Gindi Thai's Web site.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Tea Rose Garden

What better way to shake off some Grincheyness than Christmas tea with a chum? I've strolled and drove past Tea Rose Garden on Raymond in Old Town Pasadena probably a gazillion time. Today I walked in, and I'll definitely return.

As you can see, we got to sit next to the huge tree, all gussied up for the holidays. We went with the English Tea service, where you get to select your tea, finger sandwich and scone, in addition to the green salad with edible flowers and little cookie for tea dipping. I choose English Breakfast tea, salmon and dill sammies, and candied ginger spice scone. Sweet and savory!

I liked that they used mix-and-match china cups and plates, so it was a totally unstuffy approach to this little indulgence. Tea Rose Garden is also a floral shoppe, so beautiful arrangements were being picked up, and it smelled wonderful.

So, maybe my Grinch heart didn't grow three times its size, but I think my tummy came close. Give it a try!

Click here for Tea Rose Garden's Web site.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Beach Getaway and Reel Inn

It's a beach getaway day. For me, going to the beach means buying some trash mags and plunking down under a sun umbrella for a couple of hours. It's a full-on mindless escape while toes are wiggling in the sand. Ahh!!

And, while I'm in the hood, I have to swing by Reel Inn for my fish and chips fix. Reel Inn  is one of the two funky beachside fish joints along PCH in Malibu; Neptune's Net (revisit the July, 2009 post below) on the north side is the other. While you're waiting for your meal, be sure to take a look at the ceiling so you don't miss the bicycle, surf boards and oars resting in the rafters. There's also a potbelly wood stove near the long community tables for the chilly beachside nights. Delicious, friendly and fun!

Click here for Reel Inn's Web site.

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