Monday, December 2, 2013

Beach Getaway and Reel Inn

It's a beach getaway day. For me, going to the beach means buying some trash mags and plunking down under a sun umbrella for a couple of hours. It's a full-on mindless escape while toes are wiggling in the sand. Ahh!!

And, while I'm in the hood, I have to swing by Reel Inn for my fish and chips fix. Reel Inn  is one of the two funky beachside fish joints along PCH in Malibu; Neptune's Net (revisit the July, 2009 post below) on the north side is the other. While you're waiting for your meal, be sure to take a look at the ceiling so you don't miss the bicycle, surf boards and oars resting in the rafters. There's also a potbelly wood stove near the long community tables for the chilly beachside nights. Delicious, friendly and fun!

Click here for Reel Inn's Web site.

Click here for Neptune's Net post.

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