Wednesday, December 30, 2015

5 Line Tavern

I'm running errands to prepare for New Year's Eve. I invited some friends over to check out the Rose Parade floats that line up on Orange Grove, and I need sparkling cider and other snackies to celebrate 2016. (Click here for my 2013 post.) After a Target run, I was driving home on Colorado when the hunger pangs hit. Today was the day to try out 5 Line Tavern.

It was during the lunch specials time, and I ordered a pizza and salad, assuming the portions would be small. This is what I got, both full orders! A $7 Kale Caesar Salad, with shaved parmesan cheese, focaccia croutons, and yummy dressing, and an $8 Italian Sausage Pizza, with fennel sausage, Italian sausage links, green bell peppers, and fresh basil. WOW, quite a spread for $15!! I plowed through the delicious salad, had two slices of the pizza, and took the rest of the pizza home for a second meal.

For sports fans, there were I think six big screens playing different games: football, basketball, golf, and poker matches. If I was a drinker, I'm sure I'd find plenty of beverages to sample. Instead, I look forward to working my way through the food.

Click here for 5 Line Tavern's website.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

San Fran Vacay - Day 3

It's my last day in San Fran. Did I mention it was Santa Con weekend? Hundreds of Santas ho-ho-hoing it up all around town! This cluster of Santas was spotted by the huge tree at Union Square.

After a pop-in at Macy's, we headed to Chinatown.

I loved the fantastic lamp posts!

These are my dim sum choices from Great Eastern Restaurant: string beans and deep fried pumpkin and egg-yolk ball. The pumpkin balls were a close tie with the broiled grapefruit for San Fran favorite taste sensation! Soooo good!! With seven of us making selections, the lazy Susan was filled with all kinds of dumplings, pot stickers, soups, and noodles. It was fun to share and sample all the tasty dishes.

Click here for Great Eastern Restaurant's website.

After dim sum, it was time to head back to the airport to return to LA. Such fun times!! "Til we eat again, all my new friends!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

San Fran Vacay - Day 2

Day two, and we have some big plans. Well, right after breakfast!!

Across from the hotel, Sears Fine Food comes highly recommended on my fave resource Sears is upscale old-school, if you get my drift. Comfort food with a higher price tag. This is Al's Special with scrambled eggs, hash browns, corned beef hash, and nine little pancakes. What you don't see is my broiled grapefruit, which was the highlight of my meal, although the corned beef hash was quite delish!

Click here for Sears Fine Food's website.

While we are having our breakfast, the final two guests were landing; two sisters from Alaska completed the party!!

While the Alaska sisters regrouped, and the New Mexico guest chilled, the rest of us jumped on a hop-on, hop-off bus and took a ride around the city.

We got off at Pier 39 (recognize Alcatraz in the background?!), took a looksie at the sea lions, chowed on some taffy and chocolate, and rode the two-level carousel.

Click here for Pier 39's website.

Woohooooo!! Back on the bus, we headed to Golden Gate Park and the Conservatory of Flowers.

This is my new favorite place! I didn't know the Conservatory of Flowers existed, although it dates back to 1879. I love the architecture and the serene vibes inside.

Oh, and the cool variety of pitcher plants!

Click here for the Conservatory of Flowers' website.

The birthday celebration was held at the famous Cliff House. We were seated by floor-to-ceiling windows to watch the waves crash on the rocks. Here's my choice for dinner: bacon-crusted Scottish salmon with potato puree and whole grain mustard sauce. WOW!!

Click here for Cliff House's website.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

San Fran Vacay - Day 1

I'm off to San Francisco to celebrate one of my bestie's birthday. I connected at the airport with our friend from Hong Kong (who joined me in New Orleans for my birthday), so let the games begin!
We meet our birthday girl at her hotel in South San Francisco close to the airport, and we are soon off to Ed's Diner for the Mickey Mouse pancakes and other old-school specialties. As we had time to kill before checking into our hotel rooms at Union Square and big breakfasts to digest, we wandered through the nearby thrift stores and a quinceanera shop before finding a thoroughly clean bakery. 

Ed's Diner does not have a website. Street address is 348 Grand Avenue. Phone is (650) 624-9166.

Seriously, the canopy outside says Galli's Sanitary Bakery. Indeed, it was spotless inside! The gingerbread man was delish, too!!

Our hotel at Union Square was conveniently close to some good shopping, from Marshall's to Neiman Marcus. We were waiting for our New Mexico friend to arrive before heading out to dinner.

And then we were four! We chose Daily Grill for its variety and easy walking distance from the hotel. Here you see the day's special blackberry-grilled pork chop with decorative onion ring, tasty fries and steamed veggies. YUM!! 

Par-tay-er number five is on her way to the hotel from Alabama as we are wrapping up dinner.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Punjabi Tandoor

Today's food adventure centered on a run to the OC, specifically Santa Ana, to look at an apartment my niece from New Hampshire wants to rent. Afterward, I decided to take the scenic route back after hearing about some crazy traffic clogs on the 5 Freeway. Lunch would be spontaneous and based upon whatever floated the proverbial boat.

After some meandering, I ended up in Anaheim. You know me and my Indian food, and the sign for Punjabi Tandoor was all it took for me to pull over.

Although the lunch buffet looked like a great option, I went with the regular menu. This is my special combination of matar paneer (peas and cheese!) and chicken tikka masala. Yowza, it was good and spicy! The naan was warm, and the rice pudding was cool to balance out the temperatures and flavors. I will look out for them next time I make this trip!

Click here for Punjabi Tandoor's website.