Monday, May 27, 2013

Green Corner Cafe

Whoa, it's time to introduce some veggies back into my diet. Here's a delicious option from Green Corner Cafe in Glendale: Arugula and Beet Salad with walnuts and endive.

Green Corner is an organic cafe, so the food is tasty and good for you, too. My friend ordered the crepes, and they looked wonderful. I look forward to getting healthy and trying a few more of their dishes!

Click here to go to their Web site.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wicked Tinkers at ScotsFest

I go way back with the Wicked Tinkers. I've seen them many times over the years at Irish and Scottish festivals and other events. When I heard that this year's ScotsFest at Costa Mesa would be the au revoir to big drum Tinker Warren Casey, I knew I had to be part of that fun. And, they did not disappoint!

The Tinkers blend bagpipes and drums with a didjeridoo and other horns and percussion to personalize their version of Celtic music. Warren's kilted spinning while playing the big drum will be missed, but I know the Tinkers will continue.

What's next, guys?!

Click here for the Tinkers' Web site.

Friday, May 24, 2013


I'm kicking off a Scottish-inspired weekend with some live action Trainspotting.

Actually, I pre-kicked off with a haggis burger from The Morrison. (See my January and March posts from this year.) Chalk up another delish meal at my favorite restaurant!

But, back to Trainspotting. Remember the 1996 Ewan McGregor movie about Scottish heroin addicts? If so, imagine the cringe-worthy bathroom stall scene taking place on the Elephant Theatre's tiny stage with 60 or so seats in the audience. Or the withdrawal sequence. I won't go all graphic, but it was all pretty much in our faces! My favorite detail came from the Playbill with this warning: This show contains profanity, nudity, cigarette smoking, simulated bodily functions, simulated drug use, simulated sex, and Scottish dialogue. Love it!!

Click here to go to Trainspotting at the Elephant Theatre's link.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Canoe House revisited

Remember my visit to Canoe House, about a year ago? I raved about my Kalua Pork Tacos. Now I'm raving about their new breakfast menu!

These are their fantastic Kalua Pork Hash Patties, along with Fresh Fruit Cakes made into a delightful face per my request. Trust me, I was definitely smiling after eating this meal!

Breakfast is only available on weekends, so plan accordingly for the trip to South Pas.

Click here for Canoe House's Web site. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Larchmont Bungalow

I've had my eye on Larchmont Bungalow since I adopted my kitty Rusty at the Bank of America across the street back in January. It was cute, bustling and had the vibe of a fun place to get some food.

Then I took a looksie at the menu and spotted these red and blue velvet pancakes. Do I need to go into details of how tasty they were?! That's cream cheese injected between the hearty layers. YUM!! I should share that I split these with a friend and had a caprese omelet with rosemary potatoes as my real breakfast. The protein totally slowed down the carb crash from the pancakes and potatoes. The drink is lemonade topped with watermelon aqua fresco. Everything was amazing! FYI, the lunch menu has some tasty sounding items, too. What to go?!

Click here for their Web site.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Little Flower Candy Co.

I know, there's no candy in this shot from Little Flower Candy Co. I went with the breakfast/brunch plan this time. What you're seeing is their delicious asparagus/tomato/mushroom strata plus a fabulous bacon/fig/parmesan biscuit. YUM!!!

Next time, sweets will be consumed. Little Flower is famous for caramels, marshmallows, gummies and honeycomb. Since I shouldn't eat these delicacies with my braces, I'll have to go with the lavender scones, muffins, cookies and bread pudding filling the pastry case. They also have lots of fun tchotchkes and books for sale, as if you need another excuse to stop by.

Little Flower is on Colorado Boulevard, between the Colorado Bridge and Eagle Rock.

Click here for Little Flower's Web site.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Avenue Q

"If I told them once, I told them a hundred times to put Spinal Tap first, and Puppet Show last." This fabulous quote was on my mind as Avenue Q was about to start at the LA Valley College theater. I'd heard about the show--puppets, monster puppets, puppet sex. Sesame Street wanna be?! Free to be, you and me?! I didn't know what to expect.

Well, expect to laugh heartily. Expect to be a surprised (spoiler alert: porn saves the day). Expect to be a little uncomfortable ("Everyone's a little bit racist," for example). Expect Gary Coleman as the building supervisor. Expect a really good time!

Avenue Q has been making the rounds for about 10 years. It was great to see it up close in the local community theater, and my friend's friend played Trekkie Monster. Good times!

Click here to go to Avenue Q's Web site.