Friday, May 17, 2013

Larchmont Bungalow

I've had my eye on Larchmont Bungalow since I adopted my kitty Rusty at the Bank of America across the street back in January. It was cute, bustling and had the vibe of a fun place to get some food.

Then I took a looksie at the menu and spotted these red and blue velvet pancakes. Do I need to go into details of how tasty they were?! That's cream cheese injected between the hearty layers. YUM!! I should share that I split these with a friend and had a caprese omelet with rosemary potatoes as my real breakfast. The protein totally slowed down the carb crash from the pancakes and potatoes. The drink is lemonade topped with watermelon aqua fresco. Everything was amazing! FYI, the lunch menu has some tasty sounding items, too. What to go?!

Click here for their Web site.

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