Friday, May 24, 2013


I'm kicking off a Scottish-inspired weekend with some live action Trainspotting.

Actually, I pre-kicked off with a haggis burger from The Morrison. (See my January and March posts from this year.) Chalk up another delish meal at my favorite restaurant!

But, back to Trainspotting. Remember the 1996 Ewan McGregor movie about Scottish heroin addicts? If so, imagine the cringe-worthy bathroom stall scene taking place on the Elephant Theatre's tiny stage with 60 or so seats in the audience. Or the withdrawal sequence. I won't go all graphic, but it was all pretty much in our faces! My favorite detail came from the Playbill with this warning: This show contains profanity, nudity, cigarette smoking, simulated bodily functions, simulated drug use, simulated sex, and Scottish dialogue. Love it!!

Click here to go to Trainspotting at the Elephant Theatre's link.

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