Thursday, December 10, 2015

San Fran Vacay - Day 1

I'm off to San Francisco to celebrate one of my bestie's birthday. I connected at the airport with our friend from Hong Kong (who joined me in New Orleans for my birthday), so let the games begin!
We meet our birthday girl at her hotel in South San Francisco close to the airport, and we are soon off to Ed's Diner for the Mickey Mouse pancakes and other old-school specialties. As we had time to kill before checking into our hotel rooms at Union Square and big breakfasts to digest, we wandered through the nearby thrift stores and a quinceanera shop before finding a thoroughly clean bakery. 

Ed's Diner does not have a website. Street address is 348 Grand Avenue. Phone is (650) 624-9166.

Seriously, the canopy outside says Galli's Sanitary Bakery. Indeed, it was spotless inside! The gingerbread man was delish, too!!

Our hotel at Union Square was conveniently close to some good shopping, from Marshall's to Neiman Marcus. We were waiting for our New Mexico friend to arrive before heading out to dinner.

And then we were four! We chose Daily Grill for its variety and easy walking distance from the hotel. Here you see the day's special blackberry-grilled pork chop with decorative onion ring, tasty fries and steamed veggies. YUM!! 

Par-tay-er number five is on her way to the hotel from Alabama as we are wrapping up dinner.

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