Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ventura Piping Competition 2015

I'm back in Ventura for another piping competition, my final attempt at glory for this year. (Click here for last year's post.) This time, I have a craving for some mom-and-pop Mexican food, so I took a drive a few blocks off the Main Street drag to seek some tasty chow. I totally scored on Corrales  Mexican Food on Thompson Avenue. I joined the line and went with the fish tacos plate, plus chips and salsa. It looked like a mess when I opened the takeout box, but I hungrily dove in. The corn tortillas were soooooo gooooood that I ended up eating them covered with the refried beans and salsa, and pushed the fish to the side. WOW! I imagined someone's grandmother hand-patting the tortillas back in the kitchen. I actually was bummed that I couldn't finish them all, and I had to offer the extras to the trash container. Tasty as it was, it probably would not make for a good pre-competition breakfast. Sigh, but nice to know another fabulous Ventura meal.

Click here for Corrales Mexican Food's website.

The competition went fine, thanks for asking. It was about 9,000 degrees, so I can add another weather challenge to my growing list. My reward for toughing it out and doing my best was The Full Monty plate from The Welsh Baker booth. On the left is dark chocolate dipped raspberry welsh cakes (!!) for the sweet, and my fave Scotch egg and Irish cheese for the savory, with a lemonade to wash it all down. YUM!! I will definitely seek them out as I make the competition rounds next season!

Click here for The Welsh Baker's website.

It was fun to catch up with some friends at the festival, and I'm also meeting friends in Newberry Park on my way out of town so I have to put a pep in the step. I'll be back Ventura!!

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