Monday, October 12, 2015

Mediterranean Delight

I started today's food adventure at the DSW in Pasadena after seeing a cute pair of shoes on their website. I wanted to try them on, since I'm generally between two sizes on the desired BOC brand. Pasadena did not have them in stock, but the Glendale store on Brand Boulevard did. The associate called ahead, and both sizes were waiting for me.

I raced over, and the size winner was clear within seconds. Check show purchase off the list, and it was time for dinner.

Mediterranean Delight started as a convenient choice, being right around the corner from DSW, and it turned into an awesome choice! This is my lamb kabob plate with super tender chunks alternating with grilled veggies. The side salad had lots of tomatoes and cucumbers, and a sprinkling of feta. YUM!!

Click here for Mediterranean Delight's website.

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