Friday, October 23, 2015

Clifton's Reopening

Clifton's has reopened after too-many years of renovations! (Click here for my 2009 post.) I avoided the first rush of looky-loos, and finally ventured down before seeing "Dawn of the Dead" at the Million Dollar Theater. Old-school kind of night, indeed.

As you can see from my tray, Clifton's menu has stayed pretty much the same. Well, fruited jello instead of confetti jello, but it is still early in the relaunch. The roasted ham dinner with stuffing and mac and cheese sides was delicious, and the greens with ham was a tasty addition. I will say that it felt more like a buffet with different stations than the traditional cafeteria style of making selections.

The grandest change with the renovation is this huge tree that reaches three floors. Some sections of Clifton's are more bar than restaurant, although people were eating in all the spaces. There are multiple taxidermied species scattered about for good measure, such as a bear, a bison, a lion, and a peacock. Moving forward, the valet parking option out front will definitely take some getting used to.

But, I will be back. Who wants to give the new Clifton's a spin with me?! Fingers crossed my confetti jello is available next time!

Click here for their website.

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