Wednesday, September 9, 2015

She Had to Leave Los Angeles Roadtrip: Como, CO

Did I mention that I'm in Colorado for a piping competition at Estes Park in a few days? One of the bonuses of visiting my brother Mark in Como is that he's at 9,796 feet. You may remember my trip to Big Bear last month (click here for post), elevation 6,750, in preparation for Estes Park at 7,500 feet. After huffing and puffing and barely blowing the pipes down, it was time to see the sights.

Como is a Historic District, a former railroad settlement, and the starting point for driving the Boreas Pass to Breckenridge. Railroad service ended here in the late 1930s, and the town slowly faded away. My brother is one of about 20 year-round residents there, and he's a rancher. I was the first bagpiper that a few neighbors had ever experienced in Como!

City folks have Neighborhood Watch signs, and country folks have Ranch Watch signs.

I've seen some of this area before, when it was covered in snow, during my January 2014 visit. (Click here for post.) This time, it was sunny with beautiful blue skies, and the Boreas Pass was open.

The aspens were starting to turn, and the Leaf Lookers weren't clogging the Pass just yet.

Following my brother to the other side of the tracks.

Boreas Pass side of the Continental Divide, at 11,482 feet.

In Breckenridge, we picked up some steaks to grill, hoping that a shot of iron would help me adjust to the thinner air. Tomorrow I head to Estes Park to start getting real.

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