Monday, September 7, 2015

She Had to Leave Los Angeles Roadtrip: Los Angeles to Moab, UT

Yes, I had to leave Los Angeles! I'm heading to Estes Park, Colorado, for a piping competition, and I've planned quite a roadtrip to get back and forth. Thanks for joining the fun!

First stop is Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, CA, about an hour outside of Vegas. One thing I've learned about the Mini is that I need to take stretch/restroom breaks much more frequently than I need to gas up. Alien Fresh Jerky also provided me with a slice of cheeze. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for the opening of their UFO Hotel! Recognize the Bun Boy's thermometer blazing in the background? It is screaming at 93 degrees.

Black Bear Diner in St. George, UT, was my first real stop for food. Can I tell you about the hot, parmesan-cheese scattered, fresh kettle chips? They were so good that I didn't even notice until the last few bites that the Tri Tip Dip sandwich pictured here is not the sandwich that I ordered? Anyway, it was deeelish!!

All along this route there was beautiful scenery that made we want to take another look at my geology textbook.

These two were from the same pull-over spot.

This one was about 30 miles later. Such majesty! After this stop, it was pedal to the metal to get to Moab and the Apache Motel.

Click here for Alien Fresh Jerky's website.

Click here for Black Bear Diner's website.

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