Sunday, September 13, 2015

She Had to Leave Los Angeles Roadtrip: Competition Day and Rocky Mountain National Park

Competition Day is here! I headed to the fairgrounds early to meet Cameron from Blandford's for some high-altitude tuning. Thank goodness! Then I began the challenge (this applies at any altitude) of "keeping the pipes warm (to keep them in tune)" while not exhausting myself. During this time, another Denver friend - who I haven't seen in 18 years - joined the fun. Now I had two friends to socialize with plus keeping my pipes warm and not exhausting myself.

Here I am chatting with the judge before the first of my two songs. In the end, I did okay. I didn't pass out or embarrass myself, which is still the goal at my stage of competitions.

The 3 Amigas!!

And, I finally earned my Scotch and Irish eggs! Regular readers know about my thing for Scotch eggs (click here for post), but Irish eggs were new. They had mashed potatoes as one of the layers, and were pretty tasty, too!

After hanging out a bit more at the festival, Denver friend #1 needed to head home. She was, afterall, hosting us for dinner later that evening. So, Denver friend #2 and I were off to Rocky Mountain National Park to see some of the sights.

I think were were looking at elk here. Hey, it had been a looooong day, and the elevation was catching up with me again!!

See the elevation? 11,796 feet again, just a bit higher than Boreas Pass. Another dose of Rocky Mountain High!!

Lava Beds and a bit of remaining snow.

Oh, and a happy 100th birthday to RMNP. Beautiful, huh?!

Click here for Rocky Mountain National Park's website.

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