Monday, January 28, 2013

The Morrison

I was practicing my pipes today in Griffith Park (I think that's reason #11 I love GP!), and my stomach was rumbling as much as my drones. I remembered that The Morrison (on Los Feliz across from my fave running store A Runner's Circle) had opened, and I took the high road directly there.

The Morrison is all about Scottish food. Well, traditional fare, plus cocktails and 40 craft beers. But, I was definitely there for the chow!

Here you see my Soft Scotch Egg on kale, and Cock-A-Leekie Soup with garlic dumplings. Both were phenomenal! If you've never had a Soft Scotch Egg, it is a soft-boiled egg wrapped in sausage - venison in The Morrison's dish - then breaded and deep fried. DELISH! Other versions have a harder-boiled egg, but the soft-boiled is definitely my way to go. Cock-a-leekie soup - chicken and leeks - is fun to say. And, quite tasty to boot.

The Morrison is a class act, too. Did you notice the white roses and thistle in the vase? Nice touch!

Everything on the menu sounded wonderful, from the salmon trio appies, to the haggis sliders and the bread pudding. I look forward to eating my way through them all! Who wants to take the trip to Scotland with me?!

Click here to go to The Morrison's Web site.

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