Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blaze Pizza

I went to the Vroman's (see August 2011 post) on Colorado for 2013 calendars and a cruise through the aisles for some good reading. I scored on "Guitar Zero: The Science of Becoming Musical at Any Age" by Gary Marcus, and learned my new buzz phrase: deliberate practice. Imagine if you practice mostly on your weaknesses, instead of just the fun stuff! Although it is geared to learning and playing music, that approach could really apply to anything.

My next score was Blaze Pizza, at Vroman's El Molino corner. Their distinction is super thin crust that is "fast fire'd" with your choice of toppings. This is the Veg Out with zucchini, red peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella, crumbled gorgonzola and red sauce dollops. The drink in the back is blood orange lemonade. Delish!! Blaze Pizza's tag line is "there's no wrong way to play." I mostly subscribe to that idea, although with my deliberate practice, my play is only going to get better and better!

Click here to go to Blaze Pizza's Web site.

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