Monday, September 14, 2015

She Had to Leave Los Angeles Roadtrip: Denver to Holbrook, AZ

Today was mostly a driving day. I had reservations in Holbrook, AZ, in the wigwams (!), so I couldn't dilly-dally too much.

However when you see stunning vistas like this one in Pagosa, CO, you take the time to pull off the road. WOW!!

And the adorable little town of Saguache, CO, where I was feeling the BLT vibe as soon as I pulled up.

Delish, and homemade whole grain bread, too! The apple pie I got to-go was out of this world tasty!!

After some shopping at Antiques, Etc. - I bought a vintage sweater guard with matching screw-back earrings, although I really wanted a 3-piece sectional couch - I hit the road for the long drive to Holbrook. You'll have to stick with me to see the wigwams in the daylight!

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