Tuesday, September 15, 2015

She Had to Leave Los Angeles Roadtrip: Holbrook, AZ, back to Los Angeles

Yes, Holbrook, AZ, and the wigwams! You may remember my post from five years ago about staying at the wigwam in Rialto, CA. (Click here for post.) Holbrook is pretty much the same super-fun drill, except for the whole Cars movie connection with Mater here.

Two wigwams down, so just one to go. Mammoth Cave, KY, you are on my list!! Seeing those storm clouds coming at me, I decided to hit the road.

My final serving of kitsch on this trip came from Delgadillo's Snow Cap in Seligman, AZ. It is a wacky 1953 burger joint smack-dab on Route 66, with a "sorry, we're open" sign in the window, Christmas decorations year-round, and a cool collection of old cars.

Love the smiley-face potato cake to go with my cheese burger and onion rings! Happy way to end this adventure on return to reality in Los Angeles.

Click here for the Wigwam Motel's website.

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