Monday, March 30, 2015

New Orleans - Day #4

It's our last day in NOLA, and there's still some eating to be done.

This is the Creole Country Breakfast from Cafe Fleur De Lis: grilled boudin sausage, eggs, biscuit and grits. I'm gonna miss those grits!

Click here for Cafe Fleur De Lis' website.

And this is the Carousel Bar in the day light. Basically, just not as crowded as night time.

And I couldn't go back to my LA without some pralines to share. The good folks at the Bienville said that Southern Candymakers made the best ones!

Click here for Southern Candymakers' website.

And finally, this is my au revoir from the Bienville courtyard.

New Orleans, it's not goodbye, it's 'til we eat again, my new friend!!

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