Saturday, April 4, 2015

24 Hours in Ventura

After two prior wonderful getaways to Ventura (see trip 1 here, and trip 2 here), my Denver friend is "stranded" there over Passover/Easter weekend due to work deadlines. Being the good friend that I am - and having Passover off - I drove up after work on Friday and shared a fantastic 24 hours in Ventura with her.

Our first dinner came from Beach House Fish on the Pier. This is one of their specialities, Smoked Fish Fried Green Tomato Stacks, which is two FGTs topped with smoked salmon, lemon dill cream and chives, and two FGTs topped with smoked albacore spread, red onions and capers. Soooo fresh and tasty!!

Click here for Beach House Fish's website.

Of course we hit McConnell's for some ice cream afterward, but shockingly I have no pictures. You'll have to relive the decadence via the trip 2 link.

Saturday morning, we decided to head into the Old Town district for breakfast/brunch. I had an immediate good vibe about Paradise Pantry, even before I saw the menu. Upfront is my Purple Haze salad, with goat cheese, greens, apples, strawberries and walnuts. YUM! And behind is our shared Pantry Plate with four artisan cheeses, fresh and dried fruit, and nuts, plus the Meat Sampler with two salamis and a cured meat. Oh my goodness!! Such a score!! They will definitely get another visit next time I'm in town.

Click here for Paradise Pantry's website.

As a bonus, there is a little market attached selling all kinds of great cheese. Coconut milk cheese, anyone?!

I really like that whole Old Town area, and it was fun to shop and stroll once again! We hit the olive oil store, bounced between thrift stores and high-end boutiques, and really had a grand time.

Oh, and I can't forget my good friend Trufflehound's! It is Easter tomorrow, and I'm happy to celebrate with my dark chocolate caramels. Thanks, Easter Bunny, bwak bwak!!

Afterward, we hopped in the car to head to Oxnard in pursuit of fresh strawberries. When in Rome, yes?!

But more food was required before we successfully completed that mission. These mahi mahi tacos with fresh avocado and salsa sure hit the spot! We found them at Sea Fresh on the Channel Island Harbor. It was so relaxing to watch the boats glide by while devouring this meal!

Click here for Sea Fresh's website.

And, success! I don't know who the roadside vendor was, but these strawberries were off the chart! I won't be able to swallow a strawberry from a plastic grocery-store box ever again.

And, I'm happy to note, the strawberries stayed in the back seat on my drive home, or else I might've polished them off!!

Ventura, I'll look forward to seeing you in October for competition if not before. Definitely 'til we eat again!

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