Thursday, April 16, 2015

Puchica!!! Guatemalan Food

Those exclamation points belong to them, not me. But I will say I'm pretty excited about the delicious fare at Puchica!!! This is the Chuleta de Puerco, which is a marinated, breaded and fried pork chop, served with beet salad, rice, beans and fried plantains, plus some cornmeal tortillas. It deserves three exclamation points! Since I loaded up on baskets of homemade chips and some amazing salsa beforehand, I had lots of extra food to take home for another meal. I imagine a little old lady in the back patting the tortillas with one hand and chopping up tomatoes and cilantro with the other. YUM!!

And their horchata is undeniably the best I've ever had. Who knew that sesame seeds could be added to the mixture? It was fabulous!

Puchica!!! is located on Sepulveda, just south of Ventura Boulevard. It is in the former location of the Indian place. Let's hope that Puchina!!! stays around for a very long time!

Click here for Puchica!!!'s website.

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