Friday, March 20, 2015

Thai Spirit

I think this is the best Thai food I've ever had! Across the street from the Eagle Rock Mall (with the weirdly-stocked Macy's and a Target), there is a humble little restaurant named Thai Spirit. And spirited, it is! Seriously, I've eaten a lot of Thai food in my days, and I think this one tops them all.

I've driven by a gazillion times, and, since I was stuck in the Colorado Boulevard traffic anyway, I decided to give it a try. It was lunch time, so I went with the specials. Wonderful scents were wafting out of the kitchen, and this bowl of soup was served to my table. Not your average brothy/vegetable/tofu soup! Yum, and I knew we off to a great start!

I went with the garlic basil chicken, with brown rice and egg roll. Wow! The chicken and peppers were so flavorful, and the Thai chili certainly cleared my sinuses! After I devoured the solids, I scooped the brown rice into the broth and was one manner away from drinking it. Sooo good!!

Who wants to start a Thai food March Madness bracket?! That could be super fun!

Click here for Thai Spirit's website.

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