Friday, March 27, 2015

New Orleans - Day #1

Cruise Director LA is off to the other LA: Louisiana. I'm in New Orleans to celebrate the big birthday! One of my chums who now lives in Hong Kong joined me for the whirlwind adventure. How convenient that it is also Food Festival weekend in conjunction with my fave It was a tight schedule for the long weekend, so let the games begin!!

First stop after dropping off my luggage at the Bienville House in the French Quarter was Willie Mae's Scotch House. See, right before I flew out published a list of the 50 best fried chicken spots, and Willie Mae's was number 2. (For comparison, Roscoe's is number 46.) This is their America's Best Fried Chicken meal, with delicious thigh, leg and wing. Wow, that crunchy batter is off the hook! I have the after picture, and it looks like some dermestid beetles picked the bones clean!

Willie Mae does not have a website. Their address is 2401 St. Ann Street, in the Treme district. Phone is (504) 822-9503.

Click here for's Fried Chicken list.

After that gluttonous feed, I took the streetcar back to the hotel to chill before my friend landed. I specifically wanted a room with a balcony, and this is what I got at the Bienville House. Sooo peaceful and calming. Perfect conditions to digest one meal before heading out to the next.

Click here for Bienville House's website.

Once my friend arrived and got settled, we headed out for a stroll down the historic streets.

Things are a little different in NOLA!

Like these VooDoo Heat chips with spice-o-licious crunch.

And this brass band leading a wedding procession down the street. Traffic stopped, and I loved it!! That's the groom holding the black umbrella; the bride had a white one. They are in front of the Hotel Monteleone, famous for...

the Carousel Bar! You know me and my merry-go-rounds and carousels, so I had to give this place a spin. Yes, it actually spins, at a very low speed (of course), but it does spin!

Click her for Hotel Monteleone's website.

Finally, it's time for more food. This is the Ole Saint Craft Burger, with angus beef patty, cheddar, smoked bacon, fried onion stings, and honey BBQ aioli on a pretzel bun, from Ole Saint Kitchen and Tap. A perfect end to a whirlwind day!

So far, me and NOLA are fast friends!!

Click here for Ole Saint's website.

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