Monday, March 23, 2015

Magic Lamp Inn

I am out in Rancho Cucamonga to pick up my sassy competition vest, and, having time to kill, I decided to take the leisurely drive back via Route 66.

Burgers were on my mind. There had to be on fun place on Route 66, right?! The Magic Lamp Inn's huge sign was the first to catch my eye. Imagine that neon all lit up! Inside, it was decidedly old school: wood paneling and exposed brick, dimly lit with chandeliers and sconces, linen table covers, brass "reserved for" signs attached to the walls at many of the tables, ladies who lunch filling the booths. It does date back to 1955, and the look definitely still works.

As shared, I was thinking burger, so I went with the charbroiled Magic Lamp Burger with cheddar. It was delivered to my table via a clothed service cart and under a shiny silver dome. Wow, I wish that I had ordered something more fancy to see how that would be presented!

Who wants to take the drive with me next time? The neon alone will be worth the trip!

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