Sunday, March 29, 2015

New Orleans - Day #3

We start off the morning with tour of St. Louis Cemetery #1 with The Voodoo Bone Lady Haunted Tours.

St. Louis #1 is the oldest cemetery and the site of Voodoo Priestess Marie Laveau's tomb, which you see here. On this tour, I learned the Marie's tomb is the second-most visited tomb in America. Who is first? The King himself, Elvis Presley. (Click here to read about my visit to Graceland.) Our tour guide explained that during Hurricane Katrina, the French Quarter was untouched. She hinted that this was because of Marie's protection! That's Miss Gwen in the hat; she told us lots of great things about Creole culture and the influence on everything New Orleans.

These are a few more of the various tombs inside the cemetery.

After our 2-hour tour, it was back to the FoodFest!

My first stop was Hot Tamale Mama from Folsom, LA. Consider two beef and one eggplant and portabella mushroom tamales over cheese grits with hot sauce as a pretty delicious appetizer. YUM!!

For my main course, it was fried catfish and the most awesome hushpuppies I've ever tasted! Peck's Seafood's version had corn, red peppers and jalapeƱo chopped up in the cornmeal batter. It was all topped with their Voodoo hot sauce. WOW!!

More architecture, walking off lunch, and shopping followed.

Until it was time for dinner!

This, my friends, is the famous Ferdi's debris sandwich from Mother's Restaurant. It's ham and roast beef drenched in "debris gravy," which is the pan drippings with chunks of meat. WOW! The greens were also loaded with chunks of ham. Deeeelish!! Mother's was a recommended stop on a New Orleans Man v. Food episode, and it was totally worth the visit! P.S. food won this time!

Finally, on the walk back to the hotel, we spot Mr. Apple. Mind you, the decorated caramel and candy apples in the display window were luscious. Inside, what caught my eye was the homemade Moonpie looking all delicious. And it was! Here you see it cracked open; I say cracked because the chocolate was super dense! The staff at Mr. Apple totally made my day by selling me a plastic cup filled with milk. Yes, my open-container experience in New Orleans was with milk!

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