Friday, June 15, 2012

Roadtrip 2012: Kansas and Shamrock, TX

Today I decided to take the scenic route through Kansas. For a change, I got to drive behind tractors and Army caravans, cruise through small towns and see farmlands and storm clouds up close. But, no Dorothy or tornadoes!

Kansas led me back to Oklahoma City and Route 40, and I'm getting my Irish on in Shamrock, TX, again, for the night!

This is the U-Drop Inn, inspiration for Ramone's body shop in the animated "Cars" movie and an awesome example of Route 66 classic architecture.

And after all the pig products, Cicero's Green Frog Pizza and their veggie pizza - no frog legs, I am assuming - sure hit the spot.

Cicero's Green Frog Pizza does not have a Web site. Street address is 911 North Main Street, Shamrock.

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