Thursday, June 14, 2012

Roadtrip 2012: Cuba, Missouri

On the road again! After a late start this morning - had to recover from the drive-in, after all - I'm heading to St. Louis and beyond. (Note to self: the last White Castles are in St. Louis for a final fix before heading west!) As dinner time approached, I paid more attention to the wacky billboards alongside the freeway. How could I not pull over for Missouri Hick Bar-B-Q? (He looks like the Superhick from my high school's 1971 state Final Four basketball team, but that's another story.)

Missouri barbecue is different from Memphis barbecue. Missouri is all about the smoking versus the sauce. It was my duty to give it a taste before I could comment here.

This is the Hick sampler: pulled pork, brisket and ribs served sauceless, with seven sauces to choose from, with potato salad and baked beans. YUMMM!! Final evaluation: I like Memphis and Missouri pig versions equally!

Outside Cuba heading back to the freeway, I spotted this Route 66 rockin' icon.

I stopped tonight in St. Robert, Missouri and was lucky to get a room since graduation was happening at the nearby Fort Leonard Wood Army base.

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