Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taco Station

From the train station to the Taco Station! I spotted this taco stand with the gas pumps while taking care of business at the Employment Development Department on Green Street in Pasadena.

Serving taco truck-style tacos at a permanent spot, this place is quite a hoot! Although it looks like an old-time service station - the kitchen would've been the garage - it is actually a fabricated site used as a film location. Who cares?! This is Los Angeles, afterall, and it's still fun!

I ordered two basics and one whim: carne asada, pollo (you know these as steak and chicken if you've ever been to a Taco Bell) and nopales. That's cactus, and it's the one in the lower right. All were very tasty, and I didn't have to chase after a truck!

Taco Station does not currently have a Web site. The street address is 1265 E. Green Street in Pasadena. Phone is (626) 795-1224.

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