Friday, August 20, 2010

Billy's Deli & Cafe

I was heading east on the 134, passing through Glendale, and it was supper time. Hmm, I knew there had to be something tasty nearby, and I thought of Billy's Deli & Cafe over by the Galleria. That was the start of my can't-go-wrong dinner decision.

Mind you, it was supper time, and I was torn between the liver and onions versus the pigs in a blanket. The unflappable waitress even said "good luck deciding between those two" and give me a few minutes to ponder.

Obviously from my picture, I went with the piggies and blankies. Their version - buttermilk pancakes wrapping sausage links - was delish! The scrambled eggs served as a nice way to cut the syrup, and the pickle slices and lemonade provided just the right tang to balance the sweetness.

I wisely ignored the black and white cookies placed near the cash register, knowing I'd pass through this way again. Note that the cookies are about the size of a 45 RPM record so they're hard to ignore. And, if you don't know what a 45 is, ask someone around 45 years old! Maybe next time, I'll just come for the black and white and save my decision-making skills for more pressing matters, like can I recall all of the words to "the ink is black, the page is white," one of my early Three Dog Night 45s? Maybe, after the cookie, I can!

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  1. I haven't been here in eons! Perhaps we'll skip brunch and just go straight for the B&Ws! YUM!