Saturday, August 14, 2010

Monster Thai

I drive by their sign each day going to work, sometimes zipping along at top speed, but usually poking along, giving me time to ponder. On the 101 heading west, just past the Coldwater Canyon exit, the sign screams Monster Thai. I was intrigued and had to step into the mash!

The scariest thing about Monster Thai is deciding how spicy you want to go. Here you see my Beef Salad, with the yummy spicy lime dressing. I went with medium heat, and it was totally manageable. I picked up more of the minty/cilantroy flavors dancing around the grilled beef, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers. Fiendishly good!! Next time, I'm cranking that Monster up a few notches. Who's up for the frightfest?!

Click here to go to Monster Thai's Web site.

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