Friday, April 30, 2010

Foxy's Restaurant

So, a diabetic, a longtime vegetarian now dabbling in meat for protein's sake, a modern day hunter-gatherer and someone who eats just about anything but tracks the Weight Watchers points (guess which one is me) walk into a restaurant. I know, it sounds like the intro to a joke! But this was a real situation after a long afternoon exploring the Griffith Observatory. The stars and space are great, and you know I love that planetary costume jewelry timeline. It's all good right up to the time the empty space in four tumtums started screaming. We needed something quick, budget friendly and accommodating to the diverse meal plans. Foxy's Restaurant over by the Glendale Galleria came through with shining stars!

This delightful dish is called the Leaning Tower of Mexico, which layer by layer stacks up this way: tortilla #1, rice with carrots and peas, tortilla #2, black beans, tortilla #3, fried egg with avocado slices, then enchilada sauce and cheese. The three other plates included a salmon wrap, a patty melt and a spinach salad. I'll let you decide who had what, but we all had happy, content smiles on our faces. I'm looking forward to my next exploration of that menu!

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  1. As the dabbler in question, I can tell you the salmon wrap was delicious and filling.