Monday, April 19, 2010

Let's Be Frank Hot Dogs

I've been craving a "street dog," which is one of those hot dogs wrapped in bacon with the onions and peppers and grilled on the rolly carts. I saw tons of them in Expo Park for the USC games. They tend to not have the necessary permits to sell on the state's property. Tasty, yes; health department approved, big fat no!

Let's Be Frank was a perfectly healthy alternative to fulfill my hot dog need. Here you see their mobile cart parked in the Helms Bakery lot with the ├╝ber-healthy and spicy "Hot" Dog dappled with the sizzling Devil Sauce. All their dogs are made with no nitrites, nitrates, hormones or antibiotics. The "Hot" Dog and the Brat Dog are made from family-farmed pork, the Frank Dog is 100% local grass-fed beef, and the Bird Dog is family-farmed, pasture-raised turkey. How can you say no?! I certainly didn't!

Click here for their Web site.

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