Saturday, April 3, 2010

Twohey's Restaurant

I've driven by Twohey's (pronounced 2EE's) in Alhambra about a zillion times. It's located at that bizarre intersection of Huntington, Atlantic and Garfield - and South Pasadena, Pasadena and Alhambra - right beside the In-N-Out Burger. After hearing about the tasty diner food from folks as far away as Santa Barbara, today was the day to join the "Stink-O" club. Stink-O is the mascot with the clothes pin on his nose, named after a comment made about a very oniony burger back in 1943 when the restaurant opened.

I was doing the estate and garage sale circuit in the area this morning, and Twohey's was calling out to me. It was 11 a.m.-ish, and I was on the fence deciding between breakfast and lunch. What toppled my choice? The little informational nugget that they were offering specials for their 66th birthday: a mini-sundae, a Stink-O slider, a float or a soda for 66 cents! The bittersweet chocolate sundae was highly recommended, so I went with the burger option to lay the base. This is the Dutch Style burger, with grilled onions and cole slaw. Can I tell you how tasty the carmelized onions and tangy slaw melded with the burger on the toasted bun? And, yes, those are sweet potato fries on the side. The mini-sundae was a perfect post-burger treat with an incredibly high return on investment.

By the way, their anniversary specials roll on. They handed out mystery certificates good May 1 to June 30, with discounts of 10%, 25% or 100%. Who wants to toss the dice with me to see how much we can save?

Click here to go to Twohey's Web site.


  1. mmm, this looks as good as your description is written. I grew up in Alhambra and went to school in San Gabriel. This place is classic for the after High School dance hang out, back in the '90's at least.
    Well I'm sorry to say I haven't visited since. Now, I work right up the street in South Pasadena and thanks to you and your enticing blog...I will try this for lunch soon! I'll keep you posted on my experience...Thanks Susan!

  2. Cruise Director LAApril 5, 2010 at 5:43 PM

    Excellent! If you happen to try the orange french toast for your lunch, let's hear all the details. That's the next target on my list.

  3. Hey Susan, love your blog. Will you take me on your next excursion? I always feel there's so much of LA I don't know yet. ;) Keep up with the postings.