Friday, February 3, 2012

TMZ Hollywood Tour

It's my birthday weekend (yes, 29 again!), and I'm working through my LA bucket list. First up, the TMZ Hollywood Tour. As you probably know, the whole Hollywood/celebrity scene is a big yawn at minimum, an annoyance without doubt. Multiple times I've steered out-of-towners away from Hollywood, primarily because I didn't want to deal with it. Now I have a reason to go back!

I love TMZ, and this tour was a blast! Our guide Van was a hoot, and he kept us laughing the whole time. How it works: the driver tools around Hollywood/Bel Air/Beverly Hills while Van is chatting us up and playing relevant TMZ video spots. Outside The Ivy, we see spots of celebs at the Ivy. By the Hollywood police station, we see mugshots of celebs and hear the offenses as covered by TMZ. At Kings Road, actors Wood and Steve Harris are spotted, and they board our bus for photo ops. Note that Van was filming this the whole time and feeding it back to Harvey and the crew back in the studio. Did anyone see it on the show?!

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