Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Encounter at LAX

Day 2 of birthday weekend, and after my favorite Griffith Park hill run and breakfast with my training chums, I was off to LAX. Not to catch a flight or pick up a friend, but to have an encounter at the Jetsons-esque restaurant.

That cool '60s building in the center of the terminals is the home of a restaurant called The Encounter, which opened in '97. Disney Imagineering was involved in creating the space-y interior, including a full 360 degree view of arrivals and departures.

Here you see my delish dinner with an overview of a few planes. Officially listed as Sesame Crusted Norwegian Salmon on Ginger, Scented Steamed Rice, Crispy Noodles topped with a Trio of Micro Greens and Sweet Citrus Chili Demi Glaze on the menu, the meal was surprisingly modern amid the lava lamps and space-age decor.

Since the days of TSA, I don't go to the airport unless I have to. It used to be fun, but not any more. Once in my teens, my Mom and I went to the airport in Louisville hours before my Dad's return from Toronto. Standiford Field was deemed an international airport, and I thought it would be cool to go watch people from other parts of the world. Mom was game, or at least humored me. Cut to the chase - international meant Canada - and we were sorely disappointed by the non-exotic people passing through. I learned my lesson then, and I probably won't make another trip to the Encounter just for the heck of it. However, I am excited to cross it off the list!

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