Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yujean Kang's

Day 3 - my actual birthday - was action packed! Starting with some Lustreware and bread pudding at Pasadena City College (check out my February 2009 post about the PCC flea market and Cake Lady Bea Kelly), I next went to Macy's for some new Ray-Bans. Woohoo, round one of Happy Birthday, Susan!

Hungry again, I stopped for lunch at Yujean Kang's on Raymond in Pasadena. YUM! Here you see my mu shu pork with spinach and egg crepe in the wafer-thin Chinese pancakes. Thanks to the appies of sweet and sour soup and their tasty Chinese chicken salad (and the bread pudding!), I actually packed up two of the four stuffed "pancakes" for later.

Re-energized, I'm off to the Apple Store to purchase this laptop. Woohoo, Happy Birthday, Susan, round two! And, if you remember my Mac angst from my July post on Sugar Fix, rest assured that I returned to the source for a cupcake to-go to carry with my extras from lunch and new computer. Wow, here's to setting the tone to a wonderful year!

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