Friday, February 3, 2012

Apple Pan

After the awesome TMZ tour, I needed some food. The Apple Pan was the solution.

The Apple Pan is the tiny little restaurant on Pico across from the Westside Pavilion and next to Guitar Center. Opened in 1947, it inspired the Johnny Rockets burger restaurants. Does this spread look familiar?! When I worked in Century City, the Apple Pan was a regular stop, but I haven't been in 10 or more years. Glad to report it's the same as it ever was.

You are greeted at the Apple Pan by a screen door, and the down-home continues from there. Inside is a counter with maybe 24 stools. Old-school registers (it is cash only) anchor the counter corners. The sole decoration is tartan wallpaper on the back wall. I love that you get the paper cone cup with the metal holder to keep the soda cold. Fries arrive almost simultaneous to placing the order, and the Steakburger with the ketchupy-relishy spread was delish! Once again (read the Pie 'n Burger post from last September), there was no room for pie. Sigh, because I remember how good that pie was. Dang, next time...

Click here to go to the Apple Pan's Web site.

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