Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wolfe Burgers

I'm finally bouncing back from whatever germs ailed me through the holidays. Bonus - nothing has tasted good or appealed to me for almost three weeks, which means the sugarplums danced in my head only and stayed off my hips.

And what better way to get back in the groove than the once-monthly burger and fries rations?! And since I'm doing it, I'm going with the Ultimate Burger, courtesy of the howlin' good folks at Wolfe Burgers on Lake in Pasadena.

I first heard about Wolfe Burgers about 10 years ago, from my cubicle neighbor at the Natch. He and I sat in a former exhibit gallery, just the two of us sitting next to each other in the huge closed-down Exotic Mammal Hall, with taxidermied specimens still in the diorama cases. Fun! I'm sure he would have been content to work quietly on his scientific illustrations and keep to himself, but, no, I forced him to chat. Food was always a good topic, and Wolfe Burgers was a frequent mention.

Flash forward, and the Ultimate Burger was quite spectacular: bleu cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato (I quickly removed the raw onion due to heartburn concerns) on a 1/3 lb. burger. Let me tell you, the cheese kept melting and surrounded the bacon and burger in each delicious bite. The fries were quite good, too, and I am totally content with this month's selection.

Woo hoo! Who wants to make the recommendation for February's burger and/or fries?!

Click here to go to Wolfe Burgers' Web site.

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