Friday, April 1, 2011

Adamson House

I seem to be on a roll as a lookie-loo in other people's houses. (Never mind that's one of the bigger appeals of going to estate sales!) I've recently been to Hearst Castle and the Magic Castle, both private homes at one time. Today, it's all about the Adamson House in Malibu.

The beautiful tile on the sign on PCH sets the tone. The relevance is that Rhoda Adamson was May Rindge's daughter; May was the force behind Malibu Pottery in the late 20s and early 30s.

The house is stunning! As it was used as a tile showroom as well as being the Adamson's home, the variety of tile throughout the house is dazzling. Because it is the property of California State Parks, it was explained that photography is prohibited. That means you'll have to see for yourself the tile "Oriental rug," the wonderfully tiled bathrooms, and all the forward-thinking details built into this home. It was fun to hear about the foot-buzzer in the dining room to alert the kitchen staff about food needs, and then to see the little kitchenette upstairs for the Adamson family's use. It seems that they were banned from their own kitchen. Hidden bookshelves and drop-down desks add to the allure. The location right on the Malibu Lagoon shoreline multiples the beauty!

Note that on the first Friday of the month, they also do a 10 a.m. garden tour. Dang, I missed that boat by a few hours today, but I got a tease during the house tour. I'll need to get a pep in the step next time I'm in the 'bu!

Click here to go to Adamson House's Web site.

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