Monday, April 4, 2011

Heart of India Cafe

I last posted about Indian food in June 2010 and my trip to Little India; I raved about my fave matar paneer, or peas and cheese.

A little closer, and available on a lunch buffet, is Heart of India Cafe and their palek paneer, or spinach and cheese. As mentioned, usually I'm not a huge fan, but their version was delish! Here you see a cornucopia of Indian fare starting at 3 o'clock and going clockwise: a samosa, daal, peas and mushrooms, stewed veggies, chicken tikka masala, tandori chicken legs, and the forementioned spinach and cheese, all sitting atop basmati rice. And, as if that wasn't filling enough, there was also naan, plus rice pudding and the little cheese balls in syrup. All this for like $8! Want to meet me there for lunch?!

Click here to go to Heart of India Cafe's Web site.

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