Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Palermo Italian Restaurant

Last month, I showed a similar plate of spaghetti for my LA Marathon carb loading. The race turned out miserably, as the rain started before we did, and it only got wet and wetter, windy and windier, flooded and more flooded for the 26.2 miles. LA Monsoon is the more appropriate notation on the medal!

Although I think I've finally had enough fun with marathoning, I've obviously not given up on spaghetti!

Here you see the classic dish with a meatball from Palermo Italian Restaurant on Vermont near Franklin. Delish! What you don't see is the baby slice of thick-crust house pizza they serve up while you ponder the menu, or the huge caprese salad and garlic bread appetizer, or the minestrone soup that came with the pasta. And, note that this is the small order of spaghetti. You definitely won't walk away hungry.

Palermo is an old school Italian joint with red tablecloths, fresco paintings covering the walls, lots of displayed wine bottles, Bella Italia placemats and a Juliette balcony. I'm sure there were some straw-basketed chianti bottles with dripping candles somewhere. Note that this specific style of wine bottle is called a fiasco, for flask. Fiasco is also a nice way to describe the monsoon marathon!

Click here to go to Palermo's Web site.

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