Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sushi & Teri

OK, I'll admit it. I am not an adventurous sushi eater when I'm eating solo. It's much more fun to order dragon things and eel and blackened cod and the like then share it. When I'm dining alone in sushi environments, I go with a bento box. Sushi & Teri at the Japanese Village Plaza Mall served up a fine sampler!

I was in Little Tokyo to see the Textured Lives exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum, which focuses on Japanese immigrants adapting their traditional clothing to the working conditions of Hawaii's plantations, while maintaining their cultural connections. An interesting note that caught my eye was that the obi belt was tied a certain way to keep a growling tummy at bay.

Of course, thinking about this made me hungry, so I walked across First Street to the Plaza Mall. I've eaten at Sushi & Teri before, so I bellied up to the sushi bar in the back - it's always fun to watch the chef - and ordered my salmon bento box. The tempura veggies were really fresh and hot, and the California rolls and nigiri pieces delish, so at least I dabbled in the sushi world. And, it's making me crave some sushi sharing. Who's with me?!

Sushi & Teri does not have a Web site. Their address is 116 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, LA 90012. Phone is 213-687-8368.

Click here for the Japanese American National Museum's Web site.

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