Sunday, March 28, 2010

Philippe's French Dip

In my circles, there is still some disagreement on the real first and best French dip restaurant in Los Angeles, Cole's or Philippe's. I won't speak for all of LA, but Philippe's French Dip is first in my arteries!

I love everything about Philippe's, including the sawdust on the floor, the community tables, the bank of five working phone booths - yes, the old school wooden ones with the little seat inside - and the little railroad museum display on the way to the restroom.

Then there's the chow. Here you see my fantastic roast lamb sandwich with the slabs of bleu cheese, which I piled high with the sloppy cole slaw right after I snapped the picture. Dang! The melange of flavors and textures was intense! I looked away from the dessert offerings (you know, the Lent situation), but I have had some tasty pies from that counter, and I'm sure I'll have future pie opportunities at Philippe's.

So give Philippe's and Cole's a try. As you can see, I've already drawn my line in the sawdust!

Click here to go to Philippe's Web site.


  1. Phillipe's is the best FoR SuRe! In face we just went yesterday, for Easter dinner with my family. A great meeting place. Different heights of stools to serve all walks and heights of life. The lines are unpredictable, depending on whether or not there's a Dodger, Laker game, etc. game goin' on. Sometimes we've waited in a sea of blue or purple and gold to get our food. Always well worth the wait, though. Well, yesterday, no lines! Whoo hoo! Walked right up to the glass display counter eyeing the brownies, and lemon meringue pie, but like you, just stuck to my favorite...turkey sandwich double dipped in au jus, side of macaroni salad and a glass of lemonade. Perfect!

  2. Cruise Director LAApril 5, 2010 at 5:48 PM

    Awesome! Crowd watching is such a bonus factor to the food. Never a dull moment!