Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Original Pantry Cafe

When you find yourself in the area of Ninth Street and Figueroa with raging hunger roars, The Original Pantry Cafe will definitely soothe the savage beast. As a bonus, you can count on some quality people watching to go with the quality chow.

The Pantry is open 24/7 and has been for more than 85 years, as noted by the sign on the door that says "Through a door which has no key, you will enter a cafe which has never been closed since 1924."

I went with a breakfast special on this visit, even though it was afternoon. The bacon and cheese omelet with spicy salsa, crunchy-on-the-outside hash-browny potatoes and grilled toast was awesome! The toast is about an inch thick and is heated with the rest of the meal on the griddle. YUM!!!

It's quite a hoot to be a lookie-loo and check out both the crowd and the food they selected. Remember, they're open around the clock, so there's always an interesting mix of locals and tourists, hipsters on their first visit and seniors recounting times gone by, office workers and partiers needing some comfort food. I was delighted to watch the pot roast, pork chops, pancakes, and mac and cheese plates go by to families and the solo eater reading the paper, and the Pantry burgers served to the guys in suits and ties had me planning my next trip. Let's go now!!

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  1. Went on Good Friday morning. The bacon & cheese omelet topped off with the sour dough bread was so filling and delicious that I didn't eat again until dinner time. Also loved the layers of linoleum by the cashier that had been worn through over the decades. Definitely a classic!

  2. Cruise Director LAApril 5, 2010 at 5:46 PM

    Cool! Let me know when you want to eat again, as I have a list of other places to go.