Saturday, March 6, 2010

Art's Delicatessen & Restaurant

Last Saturday, I visited an art museum. Today, it's all about Art's Delicatessen & Restaurant, where "every sandwich is a work of Art." Gotta love it!!

I was meeting a friend for some lunch before heading out for a big adventure. She was totally craving the vegetarian reuben from Art's Deli in Studio City. Vegetarian reuben is not an oxymoron; they use avocado and tomato instead of the usual carnivore options. I could see that working in a pinch; however, today was not my day to stray.

My sandwich definitely took a lap around the meat counter. Note the cheery red pastrami, crisp cole slaw (substituted for the standard sauerkraut), swiss cheese, and russian dressing on toasted rye bread. My sandwich and heaping pile of crispy fries WAS a delicious work of Art!

I now have Art's delightful calendar hanging on my fridge. Grabbing it was a self-imposed distraction away from the black & white cookies. Oh, look, shiny! And out the door. I'll save the b & w cookies for another adventure.

Click here to go to Art's Web site.

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