Saturday, July 25, 2009

Identity Exhibit at California Science Center

Identity: An Exhibit of You at the California Science Center was quite the learning experience. As a psychology minor, I thought I pretty much knew all there was to know. Not so! Identity is actually the brain intertwining physical, social and psychological factors, and this exhibit has many interactive areas to further explore each concept and how it all comes together.

Wander through the 20 or so stations to learn about brain chemistry, structure and activity, and how it differs for each person to make up his/her personality and identity. And, how personalities are currently thought to be made up of five characteristics and where you fall in the ranges determines who you are: extrovert/introvert, organized/impulsive, innovator/traditionalist, wired/relaxed, challenge/get along. And, it isn't just you, we all act differently with different social groups in different situations, like when you run into gym friends at Trader Joe's and it takes a few minutes to figure out how you know them. I call it the ol' mental rolodex game. One of the more intriguing stations offered on-screen simulations of what you may look like as another race. Fun!!

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