Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fosselman's Ice Cream

Due to overwhelming demand, here's a full post for Fosselman's Ice Cream. Yes, I took one for the team and visited Fosselman's for the sake of my devoted readers.

Celebrating their 90th anniversary this year, Fosselman's serves up delicious ice cream flavors at their shop in Alhambra. The factory is next door, so you know their ice cream is going to be fresh. Window signs tempt passersby with the seasonal flavors. On this visit, it was fresh peach. I topped that off with lemon custard, my current year-round favorite. YUM! It took the place of the peppermint candy, which still holds a soft spot in my heart, and probably a clog in my arteries.

My favorite combo flavors come out in fall: black licorice and pumpkin. Stir those two together for an awesome treat. I have to wait about three months, but I'm already shivering with antici - say it - pation!

Click here to go to their Web site.

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